Tatarstan International Investment Company (TIIC) setting out for trading and construction

Having concurrently held number of the board of directors meetings, wherein drafting up perspective investment projects for the 2014, Tatarstan International Investment Company (TIIC), which was the first and currently is the only investment of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) in the Russian Federation, is eventually setting out for two hitherto new directions for the company, namely trading and construction, as approved at the last Board of Directors meeting in Dubai. The TIIC Trading Group shall be the company created to engage in international commodity trading, such as grains, oils, petrochemicals and timber, while TIIC Development shall be created for the real estate development mainly in the Republic of Tatarstan and then in other regions.

Established in 2010 by IDB, two government owned entities of the Republic of Tatarstan and five companies from IDB member countries, TIIC in actualization of its trading and construction initiatives is as such backed up by strong international entities, whereby finding its market amongst the company’s own shareholders as the strong market players, as well as its international partners.

As an investment and advisory organization, TIIC plays role in providing the Russian market with the Islamic financial products and in attraction of investments from the OIC member countries. Now as the new business lines are set, TIIC shall provide an investment opportunities not only for its shareholders, but the others willing to bring their financial expertise to the Republic and Russian Federation overall.