about the company

Tatarstan International Investment Company CJSC (TIIC CJSC) is an investment advisory organization established with the purpose of providing Russian market with Islamic financial products in compliance with the principles of Islamic finance. The main business activity of the company is financial intermediation in accordance with the Russia Law and the model of Islamic economics, which is implemented by means of participation in various projects on the territory of Repablic of Tatarstan and other subjects of Russia, which in turn makes TIIC independent Russian legal entity.

The company’s setting up was initiated in June 2008 at the signing of the Project Planning agreement for the creation of an Islamic Investment Company in the Republic of Tatarstan by the Islamic Corporation for the Development of Private Sector (ICD) jointly with IFC Linova (Russia) and Consulting service company Mercury (Azerbaijan). Eventually in July 2010 The Tatarstan International Investent Company was founded. The renouned founders were the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), two Tatarstan governmental organizations: Investment and Venture fund of the Рepublic of Tatarstan, and the Directorate for Non-budget city development programs, and five other companies from IDB member countries: Foras International Investment Company (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Tanmiyat International Ltd. (Malaysia), Al-Shiddi Trading Co. Ltd. (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Al Ahmar Trading Company (Republic of Yemen), AmanahRaya Investment Bank Ltd. (Malaysia).